Geothermal Energy is derived from the heat energy contained within the earth’s crust.

There is a large potential for reducing energy use in Cheshire, by utilising the energy from geothermal sources.

Wider applications of geothermal energy have been well publicised in locations such as Iceland and the Nordic countries where temperature resources are at their highest. The USA, for example has the capacity to generate 2228Mw of electricity from geothermal sources. Where the temperatures are more moderate, geothermal energy can be used to directly heat buildings.


At lower temperatures (less than 38oC) ground source heat pumps can be used to transfer heat from the earth or groundwater in winter and used as a heat sink in summer.This method is widely used in Scandanavia where they experience very low winter air temperatures.

As the UK has a temperate climate, it’s very inefficient and expensive to use systems such as Air-to-Air heatpumps to provide Air Conditioning in office blocks e.t.c, compared with the use of a Geothermal heat pumps, where the ground temperature is constant (circa 14oC 4ft below ground surface) which therefore reduces the running overhead of raising the temperature or lowering the temperature.

The M1 will trial a very large underground heat project with an undersoil heat system aiming to prevent snow and ice problems.


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Developments in heat pump technologies made by companies such as Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems, are now making the use of geothermal energy to heat and cool buildings an economic and practical option.


One of the UK’s leading geothermal energy companies, Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems Ltd, is based in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. They are utilising new technology to reduce the overall cost of Geothermal installations,and to enhance and promote the use of Geothermal Energy schemes in the UK and Europe.

This technology utilizes a system which allows installations to be cost effective for small residential homes, along with Commercial Installations. In the current climate where large national energy companies are attempting to look seriously at renewable energy in light of consumer demand, it is estimated that the use of Geothermal Energy will play a large role in competing directly against Fossil fuels and Natural Gas supply for heating properties.