Green Cheshire in the News

Cheshire’s been making the headlines once more – pushing for a Greener future..

This month: the council picks up yet another environmental award, Bentley pushes forward with solar power plans and the Government suggests that the county could be seeing a boost in renewable investment.

Cheshire & Chester Recycle Themselves to the Top of the Table

For the third year in a row, Cheshire West & Chester have been crowned as the leading the recyclers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The league table, known as the Recycling Carbon Index, takes into account the weight of Carbon Emissions that are saved per person in the area. The recycling services, provided by the internationally acclaimed Kier Group, were deemed to be the most effective throughout the United Kingdom (although they just narrowly beat out the services provided to North Somerset, coming just 1kg behind) – the people of Cheshire managed to save 109kg of CO2 per person in the area.

That the county has been awarded this title, for the third year running, proves that the people of Cheshire are taking environmental issues seriously. Recycling is an important contributor to the reduction of greenhouse gases – helping to reduce the amount of waste that is sent landfills or the incinerator.

Bentley plans for UK’s largest Solar Carport

Car manufacturers have been attempting to offset their own carbon footprints by investing in renewable energy plants for a while now and Bentley, based in Crewe, appear to be the next company to follow suit.


SolarPowerPortal reports that a plan has been submitted to the Cheshire East council for a huge 2.938MW solar panel farm, mounted above the employee car park. Comprising of over 11,000 solar panels – neither Bentley or Solarcentury (the company rumoured to be planning the development) have commented on the project.

Bentley have already set industry records for rooftop solar installations – so this plan would appear to bolster their commitment to developing more solar technology at their manufacturing sites. Although solar carports are popular options overseas, they’ve yet to make a real impact on the UK’s shores – this step forward may well set the trend for other large scale manufacturers in England.

Promising words from Government hint at further investment in Renewables

Finally, it looks like the government might well be investing more money in off-shore wind farms.


The Government has confirmed, through an official post online, that they are committing to spend £730m on renewable electricity projects. Details for the second round of ‘Contract for Difference‘ auctions have been released, with £290m of investment up for grabs, for any company willing to compete.

In a recent statement from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark had this to say:

“We’re sending a clear signal that Britain is one of the best places in the world to invest in clean, flexible energy as we continue to upgrade our energy infrastructure.”

The Government is hoping that the electricity derived from this scheme will power one million homes and reduce carbon emissions by a total of 2.5m tonnes per year, form 2021 onwards.